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Have you ever wondered where street names and numbers come from?


Street Names and Numbers are the responsibility of a dedicated team at Arun District Council (ADC).

Before new roads are named, ADC consult with:

  • Royal Mail
  • West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service and the Ambulance service
  • Local Ward Councillors
  • Town and Parish Councils

To help ADC to create new names they are putting together a list of ideas, which can have District-wide themes or have a more specific connection to a Town or Parish. Why are they engaging with Town and Parish Councils? Because ADC would like the public to be involved with the process! The District Council would like suggestions for potential names that are original and ideally meet at least one of the following:

  • Commemorate local history, places, events or culture, particularly relating to the site of the new development
  • Honour notable local, national or international people, especially if they have links to that specific area of the district, who have been deceased for twenty five years or more
  • Commemorate national and international events
  • Recognise local wildlife, flora, fauna or natural features native to the district.

What happens next?

At the end of the consultation, ADC will look at all the suitable ideas and place all suggestions into a database for future street naming purposes.

Previous example:

  • North Toddington & Kingley Gate Developments, Littlehampton named after local men who lost their lives during conflict in WW1, local members of the Suffragette movement, historic local landowners and businessmen.

Developers will have the final say in the naming of a site following any consultation procedure.

For further information about Street Naming or to feedback your suggestions visit: