Community Noticeboard

Community Noticeboard

Rustington Parish Council Noticeboards are primarily provided to display public notices, to publicise Council activities and to promote services, events and meetings that support the local community.

At its Meeting in March 2021 the Council decided to dedicate, as a broader Community Initiative, the Noticeboard located at Churchill Court in the Village Centre. 

The Noticeboard has been made available to Rustington Community Groups, Organisations and Charities for the purpose of showcasing their invaluable work and advertising their events if applicable. 

Bookings are for a period of three months and are FREE of charge.  The Noticeboard will be allocated to one Group at a time providing a dedicated platform from which to display the huge variety of skills, talents and services provided by the Rustington Community. 

Any Community Group/Organisation/Charity using this resource are subject to the following:

  • Each Community Group/Organisation/Charity will be permitted to have access to the Noticeboard for a three-month period.
  • There will be no charge for the use of the Noticeboard.
  • The Authorised Representative of the Community Group/Organisation/Charity will be issued with a key which will remain in their possession until the end of the three-month period.
  • The Authorised Representative must ensure that the Noticeboard contents remain in a clean and tidy condition and that the Noticeboard is properly locked and secured after access.
  • The allocated Community Group/Organisation/Charity must not “sub-let” the Noticeboard space – only materials relating to the named Group should be displayed.
  • All display items should be attached and removed carefully so as not to damage the Noticeboard.
  • Use of staples, glue or paste is not allowed.
  • Any damage to the Noticeboard must be reported to the Parish Council immediately on 01903 786420 or Out of Hours on 07752 493539
  • The named Community Group/Organisation/Charity shall indemnify the Council for the cost of repair or damage done to the Noticeboard as a result of their display, the display installation and subsequent removal.
  • Display material should relate to activities or events taking place in the Rustington area.
  • Commercial advertising such as sales is not permitted (with the exception of small-scale sales to raise funds for charity).
  • Displays with any content which is likely to cause offence to public taste and decency are not permitted. Care must be taken to avoid causing offence on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age.  For advice as to whether a display is suitable, please contact the Parish Council.
  • Display material must not contain anything that is politically partisan in nature.
  • Display material should not directly promote a religious cause.
  • Activities or events being promoted should take place in a public venue and not in a person’s home.
  • The display materials must include contact details and make clear who published the information.
  • Displays must be removed promptly at the end of the allocated three-month period.
  • At the end of the allocated period all display materials must be removed from site.
  • Regular checks of the Noticeboard will be conducted by the Parish Council.
  • The Clerk/Deputy Clerk of the Council is authorised to take the final decision on the suitability of a display.

If you would like to find out more about booking the Community Noticeboard and the opportunity to profile the work of your local Group please contact the Parish Council Tel 01903 786420 or email