The Parish Council

Parish Office

The Council has been in continuous existence since 1894 and is responsible for many local services catering for a wide age range. It is a small local authority consisting of 16 Councillors, elected every four years, who represent the residents of Rustington on many Bodies and Organisations, both Statutory and Voluntary.

The Council is a Statutory Body, looking after the interests of Rustington as a whole. It is consulted by the local Planning Authorities on Planning Applications and other associated matters, and by other Bodies on matters affecting the local community.

Meetings of the Council and its Committees are open to the Public, with an opportunity to ask questions beforehand. Agendas are displayed on this Website, the Public Notice Boards around Rustington and are also available for inspection in the Public Library, together with the relevant Minutes.

The Council provides a range of services within the Parish including over 120 Allotment Plots (3 Sites), Bus/Beach Shelters, Public Toilets, Public Seats, Notice Boards, some Footway Lighting, War Memorial, the Woodlands Centre and Recreation Ground, Rustington Youth Centre, Enhancement and Maintenance of the Central Shopping Area and certain other locations in the Village, including floral planters and trees. 

The Parish Council also provides financial assistance towards the Christmas Lighting in The Street in partnership with Store Property Limited. Grant Aid is also awarded, according to need, to a variety of local community groups and organisations, including Arun and Chichester Citizens’ Advice and the Littlehampton District Lions Club.