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Woodlands Recreation Ground Play Area - Temporary Closure

Decision to close whilst Tier 4 Restrictions apply

Woodlands Recreation Ground Play Area

The Parish Council has made the decision that the Play Area will remain closed whilst the area is subject to Tier 4 Restrictions.

Although Government Guidance allows for playgrounds to be open, it states that:-

“Owners and operators responsible for outdoor playgrounds will have discretion over whether they consider it safe to open for activity permitted by legislation, and may decide to keep these areas closed should they feel they are not able to facilitate their safe usage” (Covid-19: Guidance for managing playgrounds and outdoor gyms – update 22 December 2020)

Unfortunately, at this time the Council does not feel that it can facilitate the Play Area’s safe usage as groups continue to congregate within the Area despite extensive advice and guidance against doing so.

The Council apologises for an inconvenience this closure may cause, but feels that it must put the health and safety of the Play Area users and it’s personnel first during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

The position in respect of the Play Area will be reviewed regularly throughout the ongoing period of Covid-19 Restrictions.