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Results of the Local District and Parish Council Elections 4 May 2023


The most recent Election for District and Parish Councils was held on Thursday 4 May 2023.

The results have now been published on the Arun District Council website:

Notices Of Uncontested Elections for the Parish of Rustington

Arun District Council has now published the Notices of uncontested elections for Town and Parish Council Elections May 2023.  For Rustington Parish Council this means that there was not a contested election.  An uncontested election is an election in which the number of candidates is the same as or fewer than the number of places available for election, so that all candidates are guaranteed to be elected. 

Full details of all of the uncontested elections in the Arun District, including the Parish Council Wards of Rustington East, Rustington West, Rustington North and West Preston, can be found here.

Results of Contested Elections

All seats for Arun District Council were contested. The results of all contested seats can be found here 

This page includes the results for all Arun District Wards, including Rustington, plus the outcome for Bognor Regis Town Council, Littlehampton Town Council and Felpham Parish Council.