Trail Point 7

Rustington and the Movies

David Leland’s film “Wish You Were Here” (1987) is set in a seaside town in the 1950s.Filming took place in Worthing, including the Dome Cinema. For a short dance hall sequence beginning 22½ minutes into the film, Rustington’s Village Memorial Hall (built in 1938) provided a suitable location.

Lindsay Anderson’s feature film “If....” (1968) is a satirical story based in a traditional boarding school. Lindsay’s mother lived on the Sea Estate in Rustington and he was staying there when he worked on the film script. It seems that he would stroll along the seafront discussing ideas with screenwriter David Sherwin.

The 1950 film “Soho Conspiracy” was partly filmed in the Broadmark Hotel and included local people as extras

The Wish You Were Here Film Trailer can be viewed here:  

Photo Broadmark Hotel - credit Harry Clark