Leisure and Amenities Committee

The Leisure and Amenities Committee is responsible for the majority of services provided by the Council, including the Public Toilets, Public Seats, Noticeboards, Street Maps, Beach and Bus Shelters, some Street Lighting, Grass Cutting in the centre of the Village, the Planting, Design and Maintenance of the Floral/Planted Displays and Christmas Lighting.

The Youth Centre and The Woodlands Centre are also managed by this Committee, as are the Woodlands Recreation Ground and Woodland Park Sportsfield.  

In addition, the Committee is responsible for the Museum and the Samuel Wickens Centre which incorporates the former Village Information Centre.

The Committee meets four times per year.

Please Note:

The Minutes of Meetings should be considered as DRAFT until approved at the next meeting of the Council/Committee.

Date Agenda Minutes
6th February 2020 LAA060220 Website [pdf] 144Kb LAM06022020 Website [pdf] 183Kb
28th May 2020 LAA280520 Website [pdf] 149Kb LAM280520 Website [pdf] 153Kb
6th August 2020 LAA060820 Website [pdf] 150Kb LAM06082020 website [pdf] 247Kb
12th November 2020 LAA121120 Website [pdf] 150Kb LAM121120 website [pdf] 1659Kb