Full Council

Please Note:

The Minutes of Meetings should be considered as DRAFT until approved at the next meeting of the Council.

Date Agenda Minutes
28th January 2019 CA280119 [pdf] 368Kb CM280119 [pdf] 585Kb
25th February 2019 CA250219 [pdf] 357Kb CM250219 [pdf] 574Kb
25th March 2019 CA250319 [pdf] 87Kb CM250319 [pdf] 245Kb
29th April 2019 CA290419 [pdf] 87Kb CM290419 [pdf] 178Kb
13th May 2019 Annual Meeting Agenda - May 19 [pdf] 96Kb Annual Meeting Minutes - May 19 [pdf] 273Kb
24th June 2019 CA240619 [pdf] 83Kb CM240619 [pdf] 281Kb
22nd July 2019 CA220719 [pdf] 92Kb CM220719 [pdf] 345Kb