Full Council

Full Council Meetings, attended by all Councillors, meets ten times a year (there are no meetings in August or December). 

The Full Council Meeting decides the overall objectives, major policies and financial strategies of the Council including the acceptance of the annual budget.

Debates on issues raised by individual Committees take place at Full Council and members of the Public can ask questions. 

There is always provision for the Public to attend so please do not hesitate to come along to a Meeting to see the Council in action.


  • The power of raising loans and setting the Precept.
  • The power of incurring capital expenditure not specifically included in the Council's approved annual estimate of expenditure
  • The appointment to or co-option on a Committee or Sub-Committee of a person (on a strictly non-voting basis) who is not a Member of the Council or the Committee.
  • Standing Orders and the Functions and Constitution of Committees and Sub-Committees.
  • Dates of Meetings of the Council.
  • Appointment or nomination by the Council of persons to fill vacancies on outside bodies arising during the Council year.
  • Filling of vacancies occurring on any Committee of the Council during the Council year.
  • The appointment or dismissal of all permanent members of personnel.

Please Note:

The Minutes of Meetings should be considered as DRAFT until approved at the next meeting of the Council/Committee.

Date Agenda Minutes
23rd January 2023 CA230123 Website [pdf] 166Kb CM230123 Website [pdf] 308Kb
27th February 2023 CA270223 Website [pdf] 157Kb CM270223 Website [pdf] 268Kb
27th March 2023 CA270323 Website [pdf] 160Kb CM270323 Website [pdf] 3814Kb
24th April 2023 CA240423 Website [pdf] 156Kb CM240423 Website [pdf] 2124Kb
15th May 2023 Annual Meeting Agenda - May 23 Website [pdf] 210Kb Annual Meeting Minutes - May 23 Website [pdf] 1063Kb
26th June 2023 CA260623 Website [pdf] 163Kb CM260623 Website [pdf] 3119Kb
24th July 2023 CA240723 Website [pdf] 162Kb CM240723 Website.pdf (3) [pdf] 209Kb
25th September 2023 CA250923 Website [pdf] 168Kb