Finance and General Purposes Committee

This Committee is responsible for dealing with all matters relating to the general day-to-day administration of the Council including holding overall responsibility for scrutiny of the Council’s Corporate Governance, including Internal Audit, Risk Management, Health & Safety at work, Data Protection, Freedom of Information and all other Policies.

The Committee can also agree and make appropriate recommendations in respect of the Council’s revenue and capital estimates, including reimbursable expenditure.

The Committee also oversees the publication of the Council’s Newsletter, Website and Information Technology generally as well as making recommendations in respect of grants.

The Committee meets on a monthly basis.

Please Note:

The Minutes of Meetings should be considered as DRAFT until approved at the next meeting of the Council/Committee.

Date Agenda Minutes
7th January 2019 FGPA070119 [pdf] 351Kb FGPM070119 [pdf] 283Kb
28th January 2019 FGPA280119 [pdf] 349Kb FGPM280119 [pdf] 348Kb
25th February 2019 FGPA250219 [pdf] 349Kb FGPM250219 [pdf] 285Kb
25th March 2019 FGPA250319 [pdf] 109Kb FGPM250319 [pdf] 110Kb
29th April 2019 FGPA290419 [pdf] 109Kb FGPM290419 [pdf] 104Kb
13th May 2019 FGPA130519 [pdf] 106Kb FGPM130519 [pdf] 109Kb
24th June 2019 FGPA240619 [pdf] 114Kb FGPM240619 [pdf] 143Kb
22nd July 2019 FGPA220719 [pdf] 111Kb FGPM220719 [pdf] 116Kb
19th August 2019 FGPA190819 Website [pdf] 126Kb FGPM190819 [pdf] 207Kb
23rd September 2019 FGPA230919 Website [pdf] 110Kb